Environment Agency Stocking June 4th 2019

The Environment Agency as part of their  stocking programme introduced 10,000 barbel 4 week old fry into the Ivel at Biggleswade old mill pool. This is a new method by which the introduction of thousands of fry simulates a more natural way of fish introduction into the river. Clearly the vast majority will not make it to maturity but if 20 to 30 adult fish come out of this it will be a succes. Below are some pictures of the fish which came from the EA Hatchery at Calverton in Notts. Kye Jerrom from the EA holding one of the 2 bags of fry each containing 5000, A bag allowing the fry to trickle into the river and a single fry on Kye's index finger showing how small these fish are at 4 weeks.

The IPA would like to thank the EA for the continued support in stocking the River Ivel