The Ivel Protection Association (IPA)

The IPA was formed many years ago by a few Bedfordshire and North Hertfordshire angling clubs to fight against the threat of larger big city clubs taking over all the fishing rights in the local area especially in the Gt Ouse Catchment and it’s tributaries.

Today there are 11 associated clubs varying from the small (50 members) to big (over 1500 members).

The association over the years has struck up a series of deals and agreements with local land owners to obtain the fishing rights to over 6 miles of the river at varying locations along it’s length.

The association has been instrumental in stocking the river over the years and was the prime mover in getting barbel introduced in the early 1990s from which today has seen the river produce some exceptional large fish, with many double figure fish present.

Joining the IPA can only be achieved by becoming a member of an affiliated club and no individual membership is available directly to the IPA.

Individual Clubs pay a fee to the IPA based on their previous years annual adult membership.

The individual clubs are allowed 2 voting delegates who can attend the bi-monthly Delegates Meetings and also vote at the AGM

The Officers of the IPA comprises the following :-

President, Chairman, Deputy Chairman, Secretary/Treasurer(Combined Post), Assistant Secretary/Treasurer, Match Secretary, Assistant Match Secretary, Fishery Officer and Minutes Secretary.

There are in addition 3 Trustees and an annually appointed auditor